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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Are you a Web-based learner?

Are you a web-based learner?
Some of the classes offered to school nurses in Colorado are web-based. What does that mean and is that good choice for you? The traditional class style of the teacher and the learners in the same room can be broadcasted or adapted to a class style where the information is presented through computer access. We use a web program called, GoToMeeting, that can be accessed through a computer with a speaker and mikes. The best sound quality is obtained using a USB headset that can be purchased at your local office or electronic supply store.
You can register one of two classes for our current training “All Hands on Deck” through the online registration. It is best if you can attend the Regional Nurse Updates by Kathy Patrick so you can meet your colleagues. But, if you cannot attend, you can receive the information being presented at the Glenwood Springs site through the web. Register for the web class by emailing Pam Hitt at hit_p@cde.state.co.us. Give us the following information:
best phone contact
school district
hours you work per week.
All the web classes have a maximum attendance of 12.
But, it is a good choice for you? Let’s consider three different options for your involvement with a web-based class and let you decide.
The attendee. When you sign into the class, your name is listed as an attendee. You can hear the speaker and view any PowerPoint style information. If you have any questions, you can type them into a text box and the speaker can answer them at the end. It is an excellent way to get information, especially if you are unable to attend a physical class. Your learning experience is enhanced if you read any handouts that are mailed or emailed to you.
The participant. But, you can increase your knowledge and enjoyment of the class if you can become involved in the learning. For the class that is designed for web presentation, you will be asked to contribute to the discussion and complete learning exercises. If the class is being broadcast from a live presentation, freely add comments to the text box. We will have someone in the classroom to monitor the comments and present them to the teacher when appropriate. It is important to diminish distractions in your environment so you can concentrate on participating in the class.
The learner. The definition of a learner from Webster’s dictionary is one who gains knowledge and understanding through instruction, study, and experience. To be a web-based learner, you need to attend and to participate, but to also study the material and to plan how you can apply it. There may be exercises to do between sessions and you may be asked to contribute your expertise to the discussions and to share your plans for implementation.
Do you want to be a web-based learner? If yes, please join us in one of our classes.